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Detector has the latest technology in the location and recovery of stolen vehicles thanks to the agreement with the Ministry of Interior through which the State Security Forces and Corps (FCSE), guarantees the greatest guarantee and agility in all processes facilitating the recovery of our customers' vehicles.

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Detector, a leading company in the security, mobility, M2M and IOT technology market. It has the latest technology in the location and recovery of stolen vehicles.

Onbike detector, is a specific product that allows the location and recovery of stolen motorcycles. Offering, in addition, several unique advantages: having your vehicle always located at all times thanks to the App Detector Drive, alerting the user when a motorcycle movement occurs without the contact on or when it falls, towing and falling (respectively) and an E-Call service if an impact / accident is detected on the vehicle.

Location and recovery of stolen motorcycles: Wherever your vehicle is (even in garages, containers, basements ...), in an average of 4 hours in collaboration with the Ministry of Interior.

GD Drive App: Application through which you can obtain information on the location of the vehicle in real time, unauthorized movement alerts, anchor, route history and much more.

- Anchor Service: Notification before the vehicle starts, this functionality can be activated or deactivated according to the user's specifications given to the user's specifications.

E-CALL: Alert in case of having an abrupt impact. Detector will receive an alert and call the client to verify its status. In case of not being able to contact you, the emergency services will be notified facilitating the location of the vehicle. (Own CRA 24x7x365).
FALLING: Warning of the motorcycle falling with the contact on.
TIPPING ALERT: Warning of the motorcycle falling without the contact on.
TOWING: Alert in case of movement without contact of the vehicle. (crane, theft, etc.)

 - Equipment e Installation 149€+Tax plus monthly payment 9€+Tax.
 - Equipment e Installation plus annuity 249€+Tax.

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