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Motorcycle Jeans are reinforced jeans, specially designed and manufactured for motorcyclists, cushion in the event of a fall and resist abrasion in the event of a drag. Some also incorporate waterproof or thermal protection. They provide comfort without losing security.

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Motorcycle Jeans

Biker Jeans are made of Denim with Aramid reinforcement (synthetic fiber), KEVLAR, COVEC, TWARON, or ARMALITH.

The lightness and exceptional resistance to breakage of these synthetic fibers mean that they have been used since the 1970s in tires, nautical sails, bulletproof vests, the aerospace industry, etc., and in recent years, luckily for bikers, in jeans, undoubtedly one of the most successful garments in what we call “biker sportswear”.

The level of security is provided by the type and density of the fiber. You can also find motorcycle jeans with total or partial protection (protection in sensitive areas).

Thanks to the versatility of Denim you can find a variety of colors in Motorcycle Jeans.

The availability of sizes ranges from children, women and men. Also in large sizes and various leg lengths (30 ", 32", 34 "and 36").

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