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intercom Cardo Freecom 4+ Duo

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Set of 2 pilot-passenger intercoms. Designed for motorcyclists traveling alone or with passenger and motorcycle motorcycle up to 1.2Km, Natural Voice voice commands, volume control rudder and JBL audio system as standard, hands-free, music player via mobile and receive directions through the GPS. It has FM radio with RDS.

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Motorcycle communication system DUO

 - Control unit weight: 36gr
 - Dimensions: 74mm x 46mm x 16mm
 - Tested to avoid damaging the aerodynamics of the latest generation helmets
 - Talk time: 13h
 - Standby time: 7 days
 - Communication technology: Bluetooth
 - Dual Core: Dual Core Multitasking Technology
 - Fast Connect: Automatic high speed reconnection with paired devices

 - JBL 40mm speakers specially designed for Cardo with exceptional audio quality
 - Adjustable speaker depth by accessory included
 - 2 Microphones: Interchangeable hybrid microphone / cable, to adapt to integral, modular and jet helmets
 - Filters with different density for microphones
 - Protected audio connections: The microphone and speaker connections are protected from dust and water inside the helmet

 - Control helm: Select the volume or navigate the menus in an easy way with just one finger
 - Ergonomic push buttons: Designed for easy operation even with winter gloves
 - Remote control function: Possibility to remotely control all device functions through your Smartphone

 - 2-way connectivity: Full duplex passenger pilot
 - 2-way connectivity: Motorcycle to motorcycle with up to 1.2Km of reach in multi-duplex full-conference mode
 - 3-way connectivity: 3 motorcyclists with up to 1.2Km of range between each motorcycle in full duplex multi-conference mode
 - 4-way connectivity: 2 motorcyclists and their passengers with up to 1.2Km of range between each motorcycle in full duplex multi-conference mode
 - 4-way connectivity: 4 motorcyclists with up to 3.6Km of range between the first and the last participant in full duplex multi-conference mode
 - Alternate connectivity A, B, C: Connectivity with up to 3 motorcycles in full duplex alternate mode in a range of 1.2Km range
 - Cardo Gateway: Connectivity with third-party intercoms
 - Parallel audio: Listen to the radio, music through your smartphone or receive instructions from your GPS device during a 2-way conversation. Listen to the instructions of your GPS device during a phone call. * Functionality not compatible with IOS
 - Share call: Share a phone call with your passenger or other motorcycle during a 2-way conversation.

 - Connectivity with 2 Bluetooth devices: 2 independent channels to connect 2 mobile phones or 1 mobile phone and 1 GPS or mp3 Bluetooth.
 - Customizable main Bluetooth device selection
 - Dual HFP hands-free profile: Management of 2 mobile phones. Notice of incoming calls from the 2nd device while holding a call with the main phone
 - A2DP Wireless Advanced Stereo Profile: Wireless Stereo Audio from Smartphones
 - AVRCP Wireless Advanced Control Profile: Wireless smartphone control
 - Operations with your mobile phone: Make, receive or reject calls using voice commands or by pressing a button
 - Operations with your GPS: Receiving GPS navigation instructions via Bluetooth

 - Bluetooth Stereo (A2DP): Listen to music through your smartphone or Bluetooth MP3 player
 - Music Sharing: Passenger and driver can listen to the same stereo music (via A2DP)

 - FM radio: FM radio integrated in the device
 - Auto Scan: Automatic station search
 - RDS: Automatic search of the signal with greater intensity in your area
 - Multi Channel: 6 configurable stations
 - Auto Silent: The radio is automatically muted when receiving a call
 - Radio Sharing: The passenger and the driver can listen to the same radio station simultaneously

 - VOX: Voice control to receive / reject incoming calls from the mobile or intercom. Free hands. Customizable sensitivity
 - AGC: Self-adjusting audio volume according to speed and ambient noise. Customizable sensitivity
 - Immediate call: Customizable immediate telephone call number
 - PLC: Compensation of lost audio packages in real time in difficult environments
 - DSP: Digital Signal Processing for advanced audio
 - VPM: Volume by mode, setting and storage of different volume levels for each audio source
 - NATURAL VOICE voice commands: Voice recognition technology for true hands-free operation. Turn the radio on or off, change the station, turn the music on or off, change the song, know the battery status or call the intercom without using any buttons. Compatible with Siri and Google Talk. Multilanguage Simply say "Hey Cardo" and he will do the rest

"Hey Cardo turn on the radio"
"Hey Cardo turn off the radio"
"Hey thistle ……"

 - Cardo Connect app: Remote access to all device functions and settings from your SmartPhone. Phone, Music, Radio and Intercom management.
 - Cardo Community: Web platform where you can manage all device options and update the software.

 - Dust and water proof IP67 certification
 - CE, Asembled in Europe
 - FCC, IC

* Possibility of acquiring the equipment individually or two units pre-paired at the factory through the DUO pack.

For more information, ¡contact us!.

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Plazo de entrega5 días hábiles
Peso2 kg

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