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intercom Cardo Freecom 2+ Duo

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Set of 2 pilot-passenger intercoms. Designed for motorcyclists traveling alone or with passenger and motorcycle motorcycle up to 500m, hands-free, music player via mobile and receive directions through GPS. It has FM radio with RDS. It can be purchased individually or through the DUO pack that includes two pre-paired units for pilot-passenger

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Motorcycle communication system DUO

 - Control unit weight: 36gr
 - Dimensions: 74mm x 46mm x 16mm
 - Tested to avoid damaging the aerodynamics of the latest generation helmets
 - Talk time: 13h
 - Standby time: 7 days
 - Communication technology: Bluetooth
 - Dual Core: Dual Core Multitasking Technology
 - Fast Connect: Automatic high speed reconnection with paired devices


 - Dual Ultra Slim 40mm x 9mm interchangeable dual speakers
 - Speaker weight: 36gr
 - Compatible with the optional JBL audio system
 - Adjustable speaker depth by accessory included
 - 2 Microphones: Interchangeable hybrid microphone / cable, to adapt to integral, modular and jet helmets
 - Filters with different density for microphones
 - Protected audio connections: The microphone and speaker connections are protected from dust and water inside the helmet

 - Ergonomic push buttons: Designed for easy operation even with winter gloves
 - Remote control function: Possibility to remotely control all device functions through your Smartphone

 - 2-way connectivity: Full duplex passenger pilot
 - 2-way connectivity: Motorcycle to motorcycle with up to 500m range in full duplex multi-conference mode
 - Cardo Gateway: Connectivity with third-party intercoms
 - Parallel audio: Listen to the radio, music through your smartphone or receive instructions from your GPS device during a 2-way conversation. Listen to the instructions of your GPS device during a phone call. * Functionality not compatible with IOS
 - Share call: Share a phone call with your passenger or other motorcycle during a 2-way conversation.

 - Connectivity with 2 Bluetooth devices: 2 independent channels to connect 2 mobile phones or 1 mobile phone and 1 GPS or mp3 Bluetooth.
 - Customizable main Bluetooth device selection
 - Dual HFP hands-free profile: Management of 2 mobile phones. Notice of incoming calls from the 2nd device while holding a call with the main phone
 - A2DP Wireless Advanced Stereo Profile: Wireless Stereo Audio from Smartphones
 - AVRCP Wireless Advanced Control Profile: Wireless smartphone control
 - Operations with your mobile phone: Make, receive or reject calls using voice commands or by pressing a button
 - Operations with your GPS: Receiving navigation instructions from - GPS via Bluetooth

 - Bluetooth Stereo (A2DP): Listen to music through your smartphone or Bluetooth MP3 player
 - Music Sharing: Passenger and driver can listen to the same stereo music (via A2DP)

 - FM radio: FM radio integrated in the device
 - Auto Scan: Automatic station search
 - RDS: Automatic search of the signal with greater intensity in your area
 - Multi Channel: 6 configurable stations
 - Auto Silent: The radio is automatically muted when receiving a call
 - Radio Sharing: The passenger and the driver can listen to the same radio station simultaneously

 - VOX: Voice control to receive / reject incoming calls from the mobile or intercom. Free hands. Customizable sensitivity
 - AGC: Self-adjusting audio volume according to speed and ambient noise. Customizable sensitivity
 - Immediate call: Customizable immediate telephone call number
 - PLC: Compensation of lost audio packets in real time in difficult environments
 - DSP: Digital Signal Processing for advanced audio
 - VPM: Volume by mode, setting and storage of different volume levels for each audio source

 - Cardo Connect app: Remote access to all device functions and settings from your SmartPhone. Phone, Music, Radio and Intercom management.
 - Cardo Community: Web platform where you can manage all device options and update the software.

 - Dust and water proof IP67 certification
 - CE, Asembled in Europe
 - FCC, IC

* Possibility of acquiring the equipment individually or two units pre-paired at the factory through the DUO pack

For more information, ¡contact us!.

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Plazo de entrega5 días hábiles
Peso2 kg

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